Geotechnical Engineering and Consulting

Since every structure starts from the ground up, foundation and earthwork design is a key element in all projects. The earthwork phase of construction projects often has the highest risk of unknowns. Therefore, it has potential for substantial extra costs and overruns during construction.

The geotechnical engineer has the key role not only in identifying earthwork considerations but also in developing the correct approaches. At Atlantic Geotechnical Services, Inc., our staff includes registered engineers with advanced degrees in the field of soil mechanics and foundation design. These engineers provide comprehensive geotechnical engineering consulting and design services to architects, engineers, developers, industrial and commercial companies, government agencies, contractors, and others.

By combining the technical knowledge and practical experience of the geotechnical engineer with appropriate subsurface sampling and testing procedures and equipment, Atlantic Geotechnical Services, Inc. can develop cost-effective foundation and earthwork design and construction recommendations. Geotechnical services available from Atlantic Geotechnical Services, Inc. include the following: